Personal Photography – Shoot Something for the Pure Joy of Photography

Sometimes I get a bit busy with post processing and office work (read taxes!) and get in a bit of a slump.  The weather this time of year around here is a bit dull and rainy.  Taking a break for a couple of hours and going out to shoot something completely for pleasure usually helps to get my creative juices flowing again.

A few years ago I decided to take my dog and my camera for a walk in the forest, and partially by accident came home with this shot.

My first ‘Living Forest’ image

I am always impressed and relaxed by the forest, and I wanted to capture more than just a static shot.  I wanted to communicate the life and energy I feel in the forest. 

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Photography and Beer!

It’s been a while since I posted, and I was planning on something today when like magic in my inbox came This article from DesignTaxi about photography and beer!

Advanced Digital Photo Concepts Explained with Beer

Joachim Linkemann is an imaging sensor scientist, and in a presentation on digital sensor technology he uses several pages to describe digital sensor noise using a comparison to refilling and then emptying a glass of beer (one of my favourite things!)  And it’s a great analogy because with beer near and dear to my heart, I was able to grasp the concept rather quickly.  His presentation covers a lot of other interesting and technical information about imaging sensors, It you are a techno photo nerd like me it’s a pretty interesting read.

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Architecture Daily Blog – Great Buildings and Photography

I have been subscribing to the Arch Daily Blog for quite a while now, but they went way up in my good books today when they featured the Richmond Olympic Oval, the 2010 speed skating venue, including the photos I took for Cannon Design Architecture.  Kudos to Arch Daily for featuring the amazing Richmond Oval today, on the opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.andrewdorancom-oval04Check out the Arch Daily blog post including photos by me, and other great photographers, and subscribe to their rss feed to get a little bit of architectural inspiration every day.  If you’re lucky enough to be in town for the Olympics,  go and check out this incredible building, or come and visit us in Vancouver after the 2010 craziness has subsided.

Really Behind the Scenes Photography by Taryn Simon

This TED video in an interesting perspective on "Behind the Scenes" photography. Taryn Simon spends most of her time trying to get permission, and access to photograph the places that you and I will never see.  In this presentation, she shows and explains the photographs from some of her post 9-11 shoots.

Taryn strikes a emotional and provocative chord whit her images.  What do we really know about the world around us?

Vancouver Police – Camera Seizure Policy

Vancouver Police announced today (June 17th 2009) that they will be officially updating their policy manual to prevent officers from confiscating cameras and other recording devices from the public without consent, a warrant, or a lawful arrest.

While they say the policy has always been in place, they are now putting it in writing, and enforcing it. Nice of them to bring thier policies in line with Canadian law, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The issue came to a head when Vancouver Province news photographer Jason Payne was roughed up, and had his camera taken by police while photographing a Police shooting incidnet. In fairness to the Police, they did apologize shortly after the seizure. This comes on a long string of bad press for Vancouver area Police made famous by the RCMP Robert Dziekanski tazer death at the Vancover Airport. The video of that incident was surrendered to Police on scene who promised to return it in 48 hours. Then they changed their minds, and the videographer Paul Pritchard had to retain a lawyer to get it back.

The announcement of Vancouver Police to update their camera seizure policy is a big step in the right direction. I’m not a press photographer, but this is a victory not just for the freedom of the press, but for all Canadians. Everyone has the right to take photos of Police officers at work, or anything else that happens in public. Compared to what’s going on in the UK where police can arrest anyone with a camera if they have a “suspicion” that the photos may be used for any type of terrorist purpose. It’s a very vague and dangerous law as far a free speech goes. Especially when many authorities think they can tell you to stop taking photos for any reason.

The Vancouver policy comes on the heels of a New York City announcement of a similar reminder to Police that people are allowed to take photos in public (by the way if you want to waste some time and get angry, hang out at the “Photography is not a crime blog” for a while!)

It’s good to see that at least some Police Departments are doing the right thing, and reminding their officers of our freedoms. Let’s hope other jurisdictions follow their lead.

In Bed With TED – Intro (to dispell confusion)

A while back I discovered the videos that are available on the TED website. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Some of the worlds most inspirational speakers, and forward thinkers talk at the conference, and the TED website makes all of the videos available for anyone to view.

I regularly find inspiration and insight watching a TED talk.  So much so that it has become a regular routine for me to snuggle in bed with my laptop and watch a few TED videos before I turn in.  Be careful, it can be addictive.  Of course, I always love the talks about photography, architecture and design, but there are so many other amazing topics, that I could follow non-stop.  That’s why I subscribed to the TED video RSS feed. If you don’t have that much time, you can go to the "In Bed With TED" category, or subscribe to the feed for In Bed With TED, and check out my favorites!

I Hope you enjoy!

Photography, copyright, and 0169 – Huh?

With the widespread use of photography these days, especially online, it’s a good idea to mark you work with a copyright line to remind others that it’s not just free for the taking.

I always struggled with the finding the copyright symbol to make my copyright marks look pro.  Once I figured it out though, it’s engrained, and as easy as remembering 0169.

I am probably on one of the few professional photographers who uses a PC instead of a Mac. It’s not shiny aluminum, but designed and built to order with power to spare (for about half the price).  But, I don’t want to fuel the Mac vs. PC fire, so I’ll get to the point.

If you use a PC, try holding the "Alt" key, and typing 0169 (then let go of the "Alt" key genius) et voila a nice little © symbol pops up.  It works in most programs, including Photoshop, and looks a lot more professional than the alternative bracket-C-bracket  – (c).  On some decorative fonts, it might appear as a box, because the font maker didn’t include it. If that happens, switch to a more common font just for the copyright symbol.

So, mark you work with a copyright, and look pro while doing it!

©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  ©  © 

ps. For those of you with a shiny computer, try this:  hold alt/option & press g.