Shoot in the Rain, and Shine!

    About a year ago I got a call from the local TV station.  One of their reporters saw a small gallery show I put on locally and asked if would do an interview for their focus on locals segment called “The Express”.  Never one to turn down a bit of free publicity, I said yes.  When the day came to shoot the segment, it was cold, overcast and raining.  One of the things they wanted to do was film me shooting some personal work, and then include a few shots from the actual day in the segment.  The weather was miserable, YUCK!

Still I did not want to disappoint, so on a day when I would not have even considered taking a camera outside, I forced myself to find something to shoot.  Here are a few of the results.



 Is this my best or favourite personal work ever?  Not particularly, but I managed to do something creative on a day when I would have otherwise stayed home and stared at a computer screen.  I think the takeaway is simple: Doing something is always better than doing nothing.  You can take interesting and creative photos in the rain, or snow, or at night, or in whatever circumstances.  Just go out and do something creative.

If you would like to see the finished  local TV piece, it’s after the jump