Set Free – A Trail Running Video

I have been working in my spare time over the past few months to produce a trail running video with my perfect partner Kristie.  Trail running is her passion, and since imaging is mine, it made sense to do a project together.  I wanted to get out and experiment with some DSLR video since I picked up an awesome Nikon D7000.  It was a great learning experience, and we are quite proud of the result, my first start to finish DSLR HD video production.

About 30 hours of shooting, and a similar amount of editing went into producing the video.  and LOTS of running.  Well, probably not that much for Kriste because that’s what she does, but lots for me, and sprinting backwards on a single track in the forest with a steady cam is NOT easy!

We experimented a lot, steady cam shots, under water shots, slider dolly shots, painters pole shots, and UAV aerial footage with a quadrocopter, and a GoPro Hero HD  (fun Toys!)  I have a whole new respect for film makers, and especially editors, and I am looking forward to growing my motion experience into a product that I can include in my product offerings.

One of the great things about living in a time of such amazing technological change (especially in the photo/film industry) is being able to try new things, step outside of your comfort zone and experiment and create.  Go out and try to make something, anything.  no matter the outcome, it will be inspirational and a learning opportunity!

Set Free – A Trail Running Story was accepted as an Official Selection at the Boston Running 2013 Film Festival