New Years Revolution – I’m not looking back

Over the years I found that how quickly time passes depends on what you are remembering.  A vacation can seem like it’s lasting forever, until you start thinking about how few days you have left before you head back to your daily grind. 2011 was a long and short year for me some things flew by, others dragged out. But I’m not looking back!

No new years resolutions for me this year. I’m not going to make a specific promise like eat healthier, or exercise more. Instead of living in the past or even worse, the future (hey it’s 2012 the world might end any day now!)   I have decided to live better now.  I am adopting a philosophy that I will try to apply to everything I do and each decision that I make.

In 2012 I promise to:

  • live better
  • work smarter
  • dream bigger
  • laugh louder
  •  love stronger

Than I have in the past.

What’s your New Years Revolution?