Georgie Awards Photography

We want you to WIN a Georgie Award

Most people don’t realize how much goes in to every project you create. Permits, changes, deadlines, supply chains, budgets, delays, weather.  Your clients demand perfection, and so do you. You work hard. You put your heart and soul into every build.  It’s time to get recognized.

When it’s time to put a Georgie Awards submission together you want to put your best foot forward.

We want to help.

Incredible Photography

Easy Process

Amazing Rates

 You will love our bright, clean, sharp Architectural Photography.
Retouched and sized perfectly.
The Judges will love it too.
 All you have to do is let us in.
We’d love to work with you or your designer on site, or you can just provide access to the property and we’ll look after everything.
 Our Georgie Photo Packages are tailored to specifically match the requirements for submission categories.
Rates start as low as $499
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A great photograph creates emotion.

The Georgie Awards Judges can’t visit your project, so we want them to “feel” what it’s like to be there through the emotion created by the image. We know what it takes to show off your project the best. We have been photographing homes for years, and have the experience to show the spaces at their best. Also, we know photography, which means we know that even though the Georgie Awards is not a photo contest, it’s human nature to be more moved by a great photograph than a snapshot.

We do all of the photo prep work.

We look after colour adjustments, cropping and re-sizing, and optimizing the photographs to meet the Georgie Awards photo submission guidelines.  We maximize image impact by pushing quality of the photos to the limits allowed by the Georgie Awards photography rules.  We deliver perfect photos, sized and ready.  All you have to do is upload with your entry.



With our help, great Georgie Awards photos are almost too easy!

1:    Email or call us to book your photography

We’ll work with you to arrange a convenient time for everyone involved.

2:    Let us in

 We’ve done this a lot, so you can just provide access and we will capture the home at it’s best.   Or, if you prefer to have a representative present, we are happy to work with them to capture exactly the images you want.

3:     Select your proofs

Within 24 hours we will provide a web gallery so you can choose your favorite photos.

4:     Check your email

When you make your selections we’ll send you a link to download your photos

5:     Upload photos to your entry

Remember, we do EVERYTHING to prep the photos for your Georgie Submission, so when you get the photos you can simply upload them to your entry.  No cropping, no re-sizing, no re-saving or any other foolishness like that.




8 finished photographs

For single room and smaller budget categories

Georgie Categories: 11-13 19-20 26-31 37


10 finished photographs

For whole house and higher budget categories

Georgie Categories: 1-4 14-18 21-25


12 finished photographs

For large homes and multi-family projects

Georgie Categories: 5-10 33-36 38

Each Rate Includes:

Magazine quality professional photography
Coverage of spaces to match category requirements
Online gallery for you to make selections
Images retouched, sized, and formatted for submission
Use images for your website & portfolio
Optional extra images or upgrade to 36mp

Call for more information or to schedule a photo shoot