Design It: Shelter Competition Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Guggenheim has a great competition going on. Titled "Design It: Shelter Competition", it’s inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s tendency to make apprentice architects design, build, and live and study in a shelter in the Arizona Desert.  The competition invites anyone to follow in the footsteps of Architectural Students at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and design a shelter that relates to the outside.  The shelter must have a study space, and a sleeping space, and may not have any utilities (no AC in the Arizona desert will motivate you to design a well shaded shelter with good airflow!).

Tetrahedron Tent in Google Earth, Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1937

Google is in on the competition, to enter the contest, you will design your shelter using Google Sketchup, and then pin it to Google Earth, so it can be viewed in the setting you intended, anywhere in the world.  I usually just photograph architecture, but I might try my hand, just for fun! Entries can be made by anyone, and are being accepted until August 23rd.  ENTER HERE,   Good Luck!

Also, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the passing of Frank Lloyd Wright (and since the Guggenheim Opened) you can order a Lego kit of  Falling Water, one of Wright’s most famous designs.

Seriously, I think i’ll order one for my office!