Shoot in the Rain, and Shine!

    About a year ago I got a call from the local TV station.  One of their reporters saw a small gallery show I put on locally and asked if would do an interview for their focus on locals segment called “The Express”.  Never one to turn down a bit of free publicity, I said yes.  When the day came to shoot the segment, it was cold, overcast and raining.  One of the things they wanted to do was film me shooting some personal work, and then include a few shots from the actual day in the segment.  The weather was miserable, YUCK!

Still I did not want to disappoint, so on a day when I would not have even considered taking a camera outside, I forced myself to find something to shoot.  Here are a few of the results.



 Is this my best or favourite personal work ever?  Not particularly, but I managed to do something creative on a day when I would have otherwise stayed home and stared at a computer screen.  I think the takeaway is simple: Doing something is always better than doing nothing.  You can take interesting and creative photos in the rain, or snow, or at night, or in whatever circumstances.  Just go out and do something creative.

If you would like to see the finished  local TV piece, it’s after the jump

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Personal Photography – Shoot Something for the Pure Joy of Photography

Sometimes I get a bit busy with post processing and office work (read taxes!) and get in a bit of a slump.  The weather this time of year around here is a bit dull and rainy.  Taking a break for a couple of hours and going out to shoot something completely for pleasure usually helps to get my creative juices flowing again.

A few years ago I decided to take my dog and my camera for a walk in the forest, and partially by accident came home with this shot.

My first ‘Living Forest’ image

I am always impressed and relaxed by the forest, and I wanted to capture more than just a static shot.  I wanted to communicate the life and energy I feel in the forest. 

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Ski Action Photography – Last day on the Slopes 2012

   Every year I am lucky enough  to spend a bit of time with my friends up at TLH Heliskiing.  Fortunately this year was no exception.  I get a chance to rack up an impressive amount of vertical, while hanging out with great, fun people.  And those circumstances usually conspire to create the opportunity to set up some great ski action photos.  Here is a selection of some of my favourites from my last ski day of the season in the South Chilcotins.[slideshow]


Vancouver Time Lapse at Night – Robson and Burrard Streets

Here’s a quickie Time Lapse.

     I have been working on a project for the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver, BC. During a couple of day shooting last week I set up my Nikon D2x with a wide angle lens to shoot a frame every 3 seconds for about 45 min to create a little 15 second time lapse. Shot through the glass of my hotel window at the Sutton Place. I use my older D2x for time lapse because it had a built in intervalometer, but you can always use an inexpensive one like these from an online auction site.  Use a manual settings on your camera so each exposure is the same to prevent flicker.  To prevent reflections, don’t forget to turn out the lights in your hotel room!

Photography and Beer!

It’s been a while since I posted, and I was planning on something today when like magic in my inbox came This article from DesignTaxi about photography and beer!

Advanced Digital Photo Concepts Explained with Beer

Joachim Linkemann is an imaging sensor scientist, and in a presentation on digital sensor technology he uses several pages to describe digital sensor noise using a comparison to refilling and then emptying a glass of beer (one of my favourite things!)  And it’s a great analogy because with beer near and dear to my heart, I was able to grasp the concept rather quickly.  His presentation covers a lot of other interesting and technical information about imaging sensors, It you are a techno photo nerd like me it’s a pretty interesting read.

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A Place I Love – Tyax Lodge

Tyax Resort adn Spa - Andrew Doran Photography

I just got the call I wait for every new year! For the past 9 years I have worked with TLH Heliskiing shooting advertising images, and take home memories for their guests.  TLH operates out of  Tyax Resort in the South Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia, a place I have come to love winter and summer.  I will make the 5 hour drive on windy mountain back-roads many times in the next few months.  It’s an arduous task getting there, but the reward at the end of the road is so worth it!

A Long and Winding Road

Skate Skiing in the Callaghan-Andrew Doran PhotographyI’m looking forward to what the new year will bring. Twists and turns, challenges, up-hill battles, and cruisey downhill coasting. Skate Skiing is something new that I am doing to get outdoors and stay in shape. A quick shot from one of my trips to the Whistler Olympic Park Nordic Center in the Callaghan Valley near Whistler, BC

New Years Revolution – I’m not looking back

Over the years I found that how quickly time passes depends on what you are remembering.  A vacation can seem like it’s lasting forever, until you start thinking about how few days you have left before you head back to your daily grind. 2011 was a long and short year for me some things flew by, others dragged out. But I’m not looking back!

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Food Photography

Set Free – A Trail Running Video

I have been working in my spare time over the past few months to produce a trail running video with my perfect partner Kristie.  Trail running is her passion, and since imaging is mine, it made sense to do a project together.  I wanted to get out and experiment with some DSLR video since I picked up an awesome Nikon D7000.  It was a great learning experience, and we are quite proud of the result, my first start to finish DSLR HD video production.

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