Design It: Shelter Competition Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Guggenheim has a great competition going on. Titled "Design It: Shelter Competition", it’s inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s tendency to make apprentice architects design, build, and live and study in a shelter in the Arizona Desert.  The competition invites anyone to follow in the footsteps of Architectural Students at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and design a shelter that relates to the outside.  The shelter must have a study space, and a sleeping space, and may not have any utilities (no AC in the Arizona desert will motivate you to design a well shaded shelter with good airflow!).

Tetrahedron Tent in Google Earth, Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1937

Google is in on the competition, to enter the contest, you will design your shelter using Google Sketchup, and then pin it to Google Earth, so it can be viewed in the setting you intended, anywhere in the world.  I usually just photograph architecture, but I might try my hand, just for fun! Entries can be made by anyone, and are being accepted until August 23rd.  ENTER HERE,   Good Luck!

Also, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the passing of Frank Lloyd Wright (and since the Guggenheim Opened) you can order a Lego kit of  Falling Water, one of Wright’s most famous designs.

Seriously, I think i’ll order one for my office!

Interior Design – Modern Mountain Kitchen

I recently finshed post production on an Interior Design Photography project for Susan Parker, a Designer from Vancouver.  In an awesome place right on the Nicklaus North Golf Course in Whistler, BC.  Susan designed a Modern Mountain Kitchen in granite, stainless and slate with red accents to make it feel amazingly warm, but clean and modern at the same time.

With the same approach, Susan also designed the living space surrounding the kitchen for an up to date cozy ski town feel.  The interior is accented by a brilliant custom stairway designed by Architect Dennis Maguire.

Modern mountain style interior design is one of my favourite things to shoot, clean but warm and inviting.

Innovative Architecture – Vertical Farming

Photographing Architecture is a big part of what i do, and seeing new and creative architecture regularly gets me excited for the future.  There has been a real move recently towards increased housing density.  Vancouver, BC is one of the most vibrant cities in the world because of its density.  I have been to cities like Dallas, and recently Phoenix that are practically abandoned on a Sunday, because there is very little residential housing in the core of the city.  Vancouver on the other hand, is always alive. Before I lose the point, the trend in residential, since no one is making any more land has been to go up.  This does some great things. Aside from creating metropolitan vibrance, is keeps people living closer to where they work, shop, and play, reducing the need for transportation.  It does mean however that more supplies need to be shipped in from out of town.

Enter Vertical Farming.

photo from SOA Architects

Several innovative architectural designs offer a vertical solution to the urban food supply.  The one above is “The Living Tower” designed by SOA Architects in France.  Essentially it’s a farm in a high rise, using clean energy to grow fresh food for the city centre, reducing transportation costs for produce, eliminating growing seasons, and even cleaning city waste water to provide fresh clean drinking water a s a by-product.  Imagine a farmers market on the ground floor, where you can buy hydroponically grown fresh food that was harvested 15 minutes ago. Not to mention it’s an architectural photographer’s dream!

While the logistics are not simple, and solutions are more complicated than producing a great looking rendering, it’s the innovative thinking that gets me excited.  Solving problems through original architectural design could someday revolutionize the way we live, interact, and even eat.  Personally I’m looking forward to seeing, eating from, and hopefully photographing an amazing vertical farm in the future!

Checkout for more information.