Time Lapse Photography – Sasquatch Music Festival

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I have been playing around with some time lapse photography in my spare time. Trial and error and online learning.  As an architectural photographer, it’s something I could see offering to my clients for the right exterior projects.  This one was just for fun, and is far from perfect, so I played around with some "Tilt-Shift" depth of field effects.  Let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget, if your connection can handle it, click the HD button to see it in the best quality.

The time lapse sequence was photographed the Sasquatch Music Festival, this year on May 24th.  It’s a shot of the Main Stage at The Gorge Amphitheater, in Washington State.  Probably the best place in the entire world to see an outdoor concert. 

They were pretty particular at the festival about what you can take in, no tripods.  So, my camera (10mp Canon A640 point and shoot) was rested in the crook of tree for about 45 minutes to shoot the series of photos.  The Canon is running the CHDK firmware hack which allows it to run user programmable scripts like an interval timer.  The camera was shooting 1 frame about every 4 seconds using the script.

The tree was moving a bit due to fairly significant winds that blow up the gorge which is why the footage is a bit shakey, the frames didn’t line up perfectly.  A tripod whould have been much better.  I added the "Tilt Shift" effect to each frame using Photoshop batch processing, and assembled the sequence and added the pan and zoom in Adobe After Effects.

One of the benefits of of shooting time lapse photos with the A640 is the the 10mp resolution allows me to shoot each frame large enough to assemble the final video in HD, and it’s compact, so I can take it anywhere.

I’ll be experementing more with time lapse photography, so stay tuned for more clips in the future!

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    Time Lapse Photography – Sasquatch Music Festival | Andrew Doran Photography – just great!


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