About Andrew

I have always been a photographer, even before I knew it, I was. I bought my first camera at a yard sale for 10 cents when I was eight. I scrounged cameras and film, and took photos for me; the ones I wanted to take. When there were no photography courses at my high school, I took night classes at college. I’ve owned and shot with everything from a brownie to a top of the line Nikon, and I loved them all. I see the world through the lens, even without a camera.

In 1994 I moved to British Columbia and became inspired by the West. The mountains the ocean, and the world around me. Now, my work revolves around our environments, the ones nature has created for us, and the ones we create for ourselves, and ideally, how they relate to each other to impact our lives.

I work. I am fortunate to love what I do, I don’t just work at photography, I live it.  I don’t think I could escape it if I wanted to, and I might very well find myself lost if I did.

I play. You have to play, it’s good for the soul.