“Akasha” – Photographing Whistler BC’s First $10 Million Home

Around about the turn of the millennium, Andrew Munster of Munster & Sons Developments in Whistler Canada was putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece “Akasha”. Akasha was the first of the Whistler super luxury home boom. Selling for close to $10 Million in February of 2000, it was the most expensive house sold in Canada that year, the first to sell for even close to that figure in Whistler, and the leader in a long list of incredible luxury Whistler mega-houses. The Spectacular home, centered around a 480 year old Red Cedar Tree that spans all 4 stories of the house, won three Georgie Awards for Munster & Sons in 2002. It lit the Whistler Spec home market on fire.


When the hype of Akasha was in the news in the early 2000’s I got in touch with the Munsters and offered to take a few photos of the property in order to build my portfolio. At the time I was just starting to branch out into working for myself as a photographer. Images from that shoot (on 4×5″ film by the way) remained in my book for many years.

Early in 2015 I received a call from LuxuryRetreats.com, they had been contracted to make the home available for rentals and needed an architectural photographer to create new promotional images. They were pleasantly surprised that I knew the home well, and that I had photographed it 15 years earlier. That history with the house closed the deal, and I jumped at the chance to revisit an old friend (I make friends with all of my favourite projects!).

I spent 2 days to capturing the best aspects of the house. We ended up with a whopping 60 images to show off Akasha, here are some of my favourites.

If you like the look of the place, and you have deep pockets, you can rent Akasha for you dream vacation in Whistler.